About Idalino

Manage Your Energy and Desire… NOT time.

– Idalino da Silva

 About Idalino

My Dear,

Since I can remember I've lived tired all my life up to my forties.
And I could have gone to my grave undone, unhappy and with lots of regrets because of it…
Like everyone else seems to be doing.

A Quick Peek In My History

Everything started when I was only two.
I had a tumor removed in 1973… because my parents didn't know any better.

My mouth filled with the most deadly and toxic metals (various amalgams) known to men, when I was thirteen.

At the age of fifteen, I started looking for solutions because I wasn't feeling right most of the time.

But unfortunately I started looking in the wrong places because that's what everybody else seemed to be doing.

In that same year I also started experimenting with street drugs…
I was impressed with how much energy it could give me but not happy when I had to keep going back to it to function.
On my seventeenth year, in 1988, I quitted it… In that same year after one speech I heard at my school on how diseases are created…

I started a very EXPENSIVE AND LONG, frustrating, painful, humiliating, blind, dangerous wild search…

I have experimented with so many things it would just take too much space to list it all… some conventional firstly, alternative
secondly, controversial thirdly and then some that there is no definition for it.

Just for you to have a slight idea of what kind of experiments I am talking about here's something I did about year ago.
In December 2015 I went to take a class in BioAcoustic in Ohio (I live in Connecticut) because I thought, once again, that would be it…
I thought this is what I am going to use to get myself and others to optimal levels of energy for as long as we live.
My total cost was almost $10K for that course and equipment alone. I came back, did some experiments and it pains
me until now when I think what I had to go through to make that happen because it ended up being useless.

I Used To Run Out of Juice All The Time

As I grew up I would always envy the other children around me…
They seemed to always have this unbelievable and unlimited levels of energy… And I could only wonder, feel ashamed and inferior before them.
And I would always lie to skip sports and similar activities where I had to compete physically.

At fifteen I also started training in martial arts and again I could not compete with the majority.
I was always running out of juice too quick.

I had to move some huge obstacles out of my way to make up to this point in my life.

And through my experiments and personal experience I painfully found out that it didn't have to be that way, nor take about four decades to get over and through it either… But I either chose to ignore or I was unknowingly ignorant.

Him “Kicking the Bucket”
Was More Like a Kick on My Stomach

About a year ago my brother-in-law kicked the bucket at the age of 34 and no other death in my entire life hit me so brutally hard like his has done.

He had brain cancer and after a couple surgeries and so much suffering, during his last month or so he was unable to even use the toilet on his own.
He had to use diapers and would stay all day and night long where we put him down.

…And we are talking about someone that was so strongly physically, just about year prior to that. He was active, in great shape and amazingly energetic and friendly all the time.

During his last month or so, he was unable to communicate or even write down his last wishes…
And I am certain, there were a lot of things he would like to finish but he was unable to even express before he left and he didn't…

Why Am I Doing This?
Why Do I Want To Serve You?

The other day I felt like I was going to pass on (for the second time in about the last 4 months)… On the second time it happened, when I woke up and felt like I couldn't move and then I did there was just one thought in my head:

“What are my MUSTs? What is it that I must do before I go?”
…And only a few things showed up in my mind, that's it… only a few things.

Can you imagine? Out of hundreds if not thousands of so called “urgent and important” things in ones daily life only a few are MUSTs?

And that's what I'm going to assist you with: To find out what your MUSTs are and to make sure that they will NOT be brought down undone with you to your grave. That's one of my MUSTs.

Some Quotes I Am Moved By:

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no work, nor plan, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave where you go.”

–– Ecc. 9:10

“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.”

–– Thomas Edison

“I have brought myself, by long meditation, to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will that will stake even existence for its fulfillment.”

–– Benjamin Disraeli

I Can Hardly Contain My Excitement

For everything you are going to do with the energy you are about to discover. The optimal unending energy you could not even imagine existed for you before… It's now about to be yours… All yours!

Please feel free to contact me if you believe I could serve you in any way.

Idalino C. da Silva

The Creator of EnergiZenEtics.com