Energy Boosters

Energy boosters are usually the first ones you run for or depend on when depleted of your natural zing.

You'll hardly see me advocating these kind of quick fixes. The reason is they all end up moving to the energy busters category after prolonged use and dependency.

Sooner or later they will be responsible for draining all your emergency reserves leaving you zapped and unprotected when and if any physical emergency may arise.

And if you have used them you know the type of energy they generate is not the kind of energy you would want to depend on, but like everyone else, you do because you don't know there is a better way. And you don't even have the energy to look around for it.

The energy boosters I'm talking about are among others the ones that end in ‘ine, like: caffeine, nicotine, morphine, cocaine, adrenaline, etc.. And other narcotics like THC from marijuana for example, I also add them to this same category because of their long term effect.

But they are not the only ones, there are so many others in the so called “energy drinks” filled with synthetic substances that are toxic.

These substances will force your body into stress mode to produce more adrenaline and you do feel some alertness and shaky energy…

And that's how they get you to do it tomorrow all over again.

It is wise to note that yes adrenaline is produced naturally by your body and it is totally compatible…

It becomes an issue because we are not meant to run on it… it is meant to help us run faster or become stronger in any emergent situation. It's a natural temporary energy booster that everyone mistakenly is using as a permanent and daily energy source.

I also include simple carbs (sweets) under this same umbrella.

Sooner rather than later the price you'll be forced to pay as a consequence of your habits may be much higher than what you would willingly.

I will be touching on some things you may alternatively prefer to use as you move into the real deal category.