Energy Busters

In my personal opinion, based on my own experiences, this is the first most crucial step you gotta take care first towards bringing your zing back.

It obviously will not matter how much personal energy you generate or capture from the source if you are leaking and wasting just as fast as it becomes available to you.

There are energy busters that you tell right away when they are present in your environment and there are others that are so subtle that they may run you down to your grave and you still can't tell what did it.

We live surrounded by high levels of deadly poison in our air, water, food, sound, light and are bombarded by man made constant pulsing frequencies that affect every single one of us negatively.

Because they don't make you drop dead right away most of us will never even make the connection. Most of us will keep believing what the “experts” are saying even when what they are saying is against what you are seeing and experiencing.

One of the major energy busters is EMF and RF generated by every equipment and electronics powered by electricity or battery, antennas, satellites, cars, airplanes, cordless and wireless devices.

And also the more common things like unknown dehydration, lack of deep and relaxing sleep –you can tell by your mood, if you slept well when you get up in the morning.

Allergies are big suckers too, any kind of allergy. Even the allergies you don't know you have yet. They run your defense system on overdrive and waste a lot of your precious power. I speak based on my personal experience because I used to suffer, for decades, reacting to about everything in the air around me.

There is no way to escape this chaos, for the time being, but you still have options that you can choose and when you do, the only thing you will regret is not having found this earlier in your life.